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Regexp and AND


I was just trying to get the regexp option to filter on the message field. Ive seen the post:


But I cant get the AND statement to work.

Find messages that contain Word1 and Word2 (any order) Word1.*Word2|Word2.*Word1

The text I'm trying to search is:

1 1477650990.241929127 MX64 urls src= dst= mac=G4:T9:BA:F6:JC:E8 user=CN=Gary\20Jones,OU=Users,DC=DOMAIN,DC=LOCAL request: UNKNOWN

gary|facebook (OR) works but I cant seem to figure out gary AND facebook.

gary.*facebook|facebook.*gary doesn't return any results


Thank you for your reply. Is there anyway to make it case-insensitive?

Ive tried (?i)gary(?-i) and /gary/i


Hi Gary,

Regular expressions are case-sensitive, so please try: 


Feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Brian / SnmpSoft Support Portal

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