The main new feature added to Syslog Watcher 4.5 is exporting syslogs to an external database server via ODBC interface.


Any registered license with the Maintenance until October 2012 or later allows you to upgrade to Syslog Watcher 4.5. 


Updating from Syslog Watcher 4.3 to 4.5 does not change any the configuration files or the storage format. Besides the license checking, there are no extra actions required, other than the standard update procedure.


Syslog Watcher 4.5.0

  • NEW FEATURE: Live export of collected syslogs to an external DB (ODBC)
  • NEW FEATURE: Manual export of collected syslogs from the storage to an external DB (ODBC)
  • ADDED: Option to disable the syslog storage (for high-performance exporting to text files or DB)
  • ADDED: New setting for
  • FIXED: Position of the filter criteria window
  • FIXED: Controls in the export to text settings group

Syslog Watcher 4.5.1

  • FIXED: Client (GUI) crashes at startup if a certain type of data was read from the storage

Syslog Watcher 4.5.2

  • FIXED: Collecting syslogs over TCP
  • IMPROVED: Instant schedule settings

Syslog Watcher 4.5.3

  • IMPROVED: Storage backups performance on schedule

Syslog Watcher 4.5.5

  • IMPROVED: Syslog parser supports Allied Telesis format
  • IMPROVED: Correct Message Details for multiline syslogs
  • FIXED: Grid Autoscroll feature
  • FIXED: Multiline filter fields: Tag and Origin
  • FIXED: Disabling VendorPack add‐on
  • CHANGED: “Use Transactions” option for “Export to DB” is disabled by default

Syslog Watcher 4.5.6

  • FIXED: UI controls (checkboxes) in Filter/Find panels

Syslog Watcher 4.5.7

  • FIXED: Connection string builder for the Export to DB feature

Syslog Watcher 4.5.9

  • IMPROVED: SMTP SSL/TLS parsing of received data
  • FIXED: Email timestamp support for daylight saving time (DST)
  • FIXED: Minor GUI improvements

Syslog Watcher 4.5.10

  • FIXED: Editing of source lists (filter criteria)
  • FIXED: Handling of invalid regular expressions in a filter
  • IMPROVED: SQL command fields enclosed in single quotes and escaped