What's New in Syslog Watcher 4.3?

Syslog Watcher 4.3 includes improved VendorPack Editor version 2, and new Fortinet VendorPack. VendorPack Editor 2.0 features: 

  • Regular expressions for syslog message analysis 
  • More stable and easier to use 
  • Additional ID Extractor parameters
  • Enhanced data import from text files


Any registered license with the Maintenance until December 2011 or later allows you to upgrade to Syslog Watcher 4.3. 


Updating from Syslog Watcher 4.2 to 4.3 does not change any the configuration files or the storage format. There are no extra actions required, other than the standard update procedure.


Syslog Watcher 4.3.0

  • NEW FEATURE: VendorPack Editor 2.0
  • NEW FEATURE: Fortinet VendorPack

Syslog Watcher 4.3.2

  • FIXED: Correct handling 'Out of memory' error while displaying large amounts of data

Syslog Watcher 4.3.3

  • FIXED: Unable to reconnect to a remote server without the client restart
  • FIXED: Extra records in the service log
  • IMPROVED: Service startup time
  • IMPROVED: Sorting syslogs in grid by Source IP and Source Name

Syslog Watcher 4.3.4

  • FIXED: Manual export of large amount of syslogs to text files
  • FIXED: More than one IP within the message body (hostname resolving)
  • IMPROVED: New version notification in the Info box

Syslog Watcher 4.3.5

  • FIXED: Retrieving Syslog over TCP 
  • IMPROVED: Changing of schedules