What's New in Syslog Watcher 4.2?

New Storage Format

Syslog Watcher 4.2 has a new syslog storage format. It provides higher performance while writing collected syslog

messages. The storage conversion into the new format is performed automatically when the new version starts

for the first time.

Please note that the first launch after upgrading Syslog Watcher 4.0 to version 4.2 can take longer time due

to storage files conversion.

New Tabs (Sources, Backups, Server Log)

Three new tabs with a grid view were added for easier use. The Sources tab contains information on all syslog

sources that are registered in the storage. The Backups tab contains records on successful backups or backups

that were not completed. The Server Log tab provides a quicker access to Syslog Watcher work log.

Storage Info

The Storage Info window was revised, and new syslog storage chart allows visually analyzing the storage.


Syslog Watcher 4.2.0

  • Initial release with features described above

Syslog Watcher 4.2.1

  • FIXED: 5 sources restriction for remote access
  • IMPROVED: Syslog parser can partially parse RFC5424 format
  • FIXED: Remote access to Syslog Watcher over IPv6
  • IMPROVED: Import feature

Syslog Watcher 4.2.2

  • FIXED: Executable files are digitally signed

Syslog Watcher 4.2.3

  • FIXED: Vendor Pack search algorithm
  • FIXED: %MESSAGE% tag processing
  • FIXED: Server activation failed

Syslog Watcher 4.2.5

  • FIXED: Memory leak when exporting to text files
  • FIXED: Parser for FortiOS (Fortinet) syslog format
  • FIXED: Windows 2000 support
  • FIXED: Several minor errors

Syslog Watcher 4.2.6

  • FIXED: Filtering by source
  • FIXED: Regexp processing

Syslog Watcher 4.2.7

  • ADDED: Changing service startup type
  • FIXED: Vendor Pack interaction
  • FIXED: Some minor visual bugs

Syslog Watcher 4.2.8

  • FIXED: Invalid time period for reports/storage/delete functions

Syslog Watcher 4.2.9

  • FIXED: Excessive hostnames appear in syslog message body (improper or misplaced) 
  • FIXED: Resolving network name setting: FQDN/RDN 
  • IMPROVED: Default values for certain Syslog Watcher settings