Values in column Source Name are missing for some or all syslog messages.


Syslog Watcher server creates a new syslog source when it receives a syslog message from an unknown IP address. The server tries to resolve the IP address to a name to identify the Source Name that matches the Source IP (reverse DNS lookup). Syslog Watcher leaves the name blank if failed to resolve it from the address. All subsequent syslogs received from the same IP address are registered for the already created source. The server does not attempt to resolve the name again.


  1. Switch to the Sources tab
  2. Select a syslog source with blank Source Name
  3. Open the Edit Syslog Source window in one of two ways:
  • On the additional toolbar, click Edit Source...
  • -- OR --
  • Click the selected source with the second mouse button and select Edit Sources...
  • Enter the Name by:
  • Clicking the Resolve Address to Hostname button
  • -- OR --
  • Typing with the keyboard
  • Click OK


Applies to: Syslog Watcher 4.8 or older