The upgrade is possible from Syslog Watcher 4.2 or later.

1. Install Syslog Watcher 5.0

Syslog Watcher 5.0 uses own program files location, the service name, and working folders so that it can be installed along with previous Syslog Watcher 4.x.

2. Reinstall License

Syslog Watcher 5 uses a different way to keep installed license keys, so you need to reinstall your license key.

3. Import Settings

Syslog Watcher 5.0 supports importing settings from a file. Perform the following step to transfer an existing configuration to the new server:

  1. Run Syslog Watcher Manager.
  2. Click the Manage button (Main Toolbar) to manage the local server.
  3. Click the Settings button, then the Import button
  4. Switch the file type selector to “All Files (*.*)”
  5. (Optional) Only if you need to import the Grid View colors:
    1. Select file: C:\Users\ %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\SnmpSoft\Syslog Watcher 4\sw_gui_settings.cfg
    2. Click Open
  6. Select file: C:\ProgramData\SnmpSoft\Syslog Watcher 4\sw_server_settings.cfg
  7. Click Open
  8. Review all setting groups and carefully check they match your requirements.
  9. Click the OK button to apply the new configuration.

4. Transfer Storage

Important: Stop the previous version (4.x) of Syslog Watcher server.

Syslog Watcher 5.0 uses the same storage format as version 4.2 or later 4.x, but a different default folder for it. So, the only thing you need to transfer the syslog storage is 1) to copy the previous storage files to the new folder, or 2) to change the storage folder path to point to the old location. If you imported the settings as described above in 3., then you have the syslog storage folder pointed to the previous location already.

Default syslog storage folders:

Syslog Watcher 4.x:

C:\ProgramData\SnmpSoft\Syslog Watcher 4\Storage\

Syslog Watcher 5.0:

C:\ProgramData\Syslog Watcher\Storage\

5. Fix Log Folder

If you imported the settings as described above in 3., then the server log folder can be pointed to the old folder. It is recommended to change the folder path to the new location:

Syslog Watcher 4.x:

C:\ProgramData\SnmpSoft\Syslog Watcher 4\Logs\

Syslog Watcher 5.0:

C:\ProgramData\Syslog Watcher\Logs\