INFO: Instructions are for Syslog Watcher version 5.x

Perform the following steps to move an existing installation (A) of Syslog Watcher server to another machine (B):

  1. Install Syslog Watcher server on a new system (B).
  2. Stop the existing instance of Syslog Watcher server (A).
  3. Copy the work folder from (A) to (B): C:\ProgramData\Syslog Watcher
  4. In case you changed the default storage folder: copy the syslog storage folder from (A) to (B)
  5. Start freshly installed Syslog Watcher manager and start Syslog Watcher server (B)
  6. Make sure:
    • You can see the latest syslog messages
    • A license key is loaded (select Main Toolbar -> Info)
    • Settings are correct (select Main Toolbar -> Settings)
    • There are no red labels in the status bar
  7. Uninstall the previous installation of Syslog Watcher server (A)